Von Drehle Preserve Hardwound Paper Towel 860B (7.9" x 600', Universal)

Look for high recycled content in paper towels, or better yet install efficient, high velocity electric hand dryers. Roll paper towels result in less waste than multi-fold towels. Avoid battery-powered automatic dispensers, which produce hazardous waste (batteries) and require more maintenance.



When to Use

Works in universal (not proprietary) dispensers



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Why Go Green

SF Approved paper towels::

  • Are not processed with chlorine and chlorine derivatives which can release cancer-causing dioxins and furans into wastewater.
  • Have a high post-consumer recycled content, which saves trees and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Criteria for Paper Towels

Must contain 40+% post consumer waste (PCW) recycled content; roll cores must contain 100% recycled fiber (unless specified otherwise by proprietary towel dispensers). Universal paper towel dispensers are preferred.

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Last updated: 
March 24, 2014

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