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Why Go Green

Watch this video to see where electronics might end up unless properly recycled through electronics recycling companies certified by e-Stewards. The Global Electronics Council also publishes periodic reports showing EPEAT's large-scale environmental benefits.

Criteria for Computers & Monitors

Elected officials, employees, consultants, and vendors working on behalf of the City are required to comply with the Committee on Information Technology (COIT) Green Technology Purchasing Policy:  It states that all desktops, laptops, tablets, workstations, thin clients and computer monitors are required to be in the EPEAT registry at the time of purchase at Gold level.

Last updated

Last updated: 
May 17, 2021

Guide for City Staff

City staff can buy this equipment through the Technology Marketplace contract. Unlike other citywide contracts, the Technology Marketplace is a collection of prequalified vendors - not a list of products. Vendors on the Technology Marketplace contract maintain listings of electronic products that meet the City's requirements, and also offer other services such as packaging takeback.