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Plastic refuse bin liners/bags:

(1) Products and/or wholesalers are to be compliant with California Public Resources Code section 42290, the recycled content trash bag mandate. This means that plastic bags that have a thickness of 0.7 mil or greater are required to meet either one of the following:

  • Plastic refuse bags contain a quantity of plastic postconsumer material (RPPCM) equal to at least 10% of the weight of the regulated bags; OR
  • At least 30 percent of the weight of material used in all of its plastic products is RPPCM

(2) The products and/or wholesalers must be on the most recent California Integrated Waste Management compliance list for bags with recycled content.

(3) All HDPE bags are to be star sealed.

(4) All LDPE bags are to be either flat, gusset, or star sealed.


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January 24, 2022