Paper Towels

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Efficient, high velocity electric hand dryers are greener than paper towels. 

If you need paper towels, roll paper towels result in less waste than multi-fold towels. After you click "see products" links below, search for products that meet this criteria:

a. 100% total recycled content, including at least 40% post-consumer recycled content (PCRC);
b. No added inks, dyes or fragrances.

 Avoid battery-powered automatic dispensers, which produce hazardous waste (batteries) and require more maintenance.





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Why Go Green

Paper towels on this site:

  • Are not processed with chlorine and chlorine derivatives which can release cancer-causing dioxins and furans into wastewater.
  • Have a high post-consumer recycled content, which saves trees and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Criteria for Paper Towels

Criteria for Required products:

Paper towels
a. Must contain 100% total recycled content, including at least 40% PCRC;
b. Must be certified by Green Seal or UL Ecologo; and
c. Must not contain any added inks, dyes or fragrances.

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Last updated: 
January 21, 2021