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Pests and pesticides can harm humans, animals, and the environment.  Prevention is the secret to safe and effective pest management. Pesticides should be considered only as a last resort. 

Pesticide use in city-owned landscapes, including by contractors, is prohibited unless all requirements of the Integrated Pest Management Ordinance are met, including posting, recordkeeping, and compliance with the current Reduced Risk Pesticide List. See IPM Program Compliance Checklist.





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Choose plants from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Vegetation Palette, which can reduce fire hazard and support native wildlife.

Developers of San Francisco parcels exceeding 5,000 sq. feet must comply with the Stormwater Management Ordinance - see guidelines.

Criteria for Services for Landscaping

Criteria for Required products and services:

All landscape contractors using pesticides on City properties must meet the requirements of the San Francisco Integrated Pest Management Ordinance requirements (Environment Code, Chapt. 3), including pesticide limitations on the current Reduced Risk Pesticide List:


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Last updated: 
March 23, 2014

Guide for Small Businesses & Homes

Resources for home landscapers/gardeners are available in the Bay Friendly Home Gardening Guide.

Guide for Large Organizations

  • Besides hiring a Bay Friendly Qualified Professional, it is important to specify "Bay Friendly Services" in scopes of work. See general Request for Proposals language for Bay Friendly Qualified Professionals. 
  • Contractors performing landscape renovations or maintenance on City properties must comply with the City's Integrated Pest Management Ordinance.  See sample contract language.