Guide for Manufacturers & Vendors

Green purchasing, also known as environmentally preferable purchasing, aims to identify products with lesser impact on human health and the environment compared to conventional products. SF Environment's green purchasing program maintains this website, and is responsible for developing and updating environmental purchasing specifications for the City.

This page provides green purchasing tools for vendors and manufacturers that sell products to city staff.

Understand when products and services are added to this site

Program staff only screen products in response to requests from city staff, and do not accept vendor or manufacturer requests to add products. The best way for vendors and manufacturers to reach program staff is through the Contact Us page. Program staff are unable to respond to product information provided via email and phone.

Learn how to get your products or services on this site

SF Environment staff add products to the website based on the needs of city departments, environmental and health priorities, and the city's contracting cycles. See how products get on this site. Take the steps below to prepare for your product or service listing on SFApproved:

  1. Provide a green product or service:
    • Ensure that your product or service meets the city's health and environmental criteria, if criteria have been adopted.
    • Adopt complete product transparency, i.e., fully disclose all the ingredients in your product. San Francisco's Board of Supervisors enshrined this important city goal in the Precautionary Principle Ordinance.
    • Demonstrate extended producer responsibility
  2. Bid on a City contract that includes green purchasing specifications:

When OCA awards a contract for green products or services, SF Environment will add your information to the SF Approved website.

Maintain up to date information on your listed product or service

Vendors and manufacturers can find their information using the Advanced Search. Report any incorrect information about your product, service, manufacturer or vendor details here.