EPEAT Gold Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax & Mailing Machines

Imaging equipment includes copiers, printers, scanners, fax and mailing machines.  The City requires the purchase of multifunction devices (MFDs) when feasible, which combine printing, scanning, copying and fax capabilities.


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Buy multifunctional devices that can print on both sides of paper (duplexing).

Criteria for Imaging equipment

Elected officials, employees, consultants, and vendors working on behalf of the City are required to comply with the Committee on Information Technology (COIT) Green Technology Purchasing Policy: sfcoit.org/GreenPolicy.  It states:

All imaging equipment purchased or leased by City departments, including copiers, digital duplicators, facsimile machines, multifunction devices, printers, mailing machines and scanners (as defined by the U.S. ENERGY STAR® Imaging Equipment Specification) are required to achieve Gold registration in the EPEAT system.

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February 19, 2019

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