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Less damaging to plants. Less dependence on fossil fuels. Less toxic for workers. Biodegrades faster and to greater degrees than petroleum-based and synthetic ester products. (Read more).

Info on this product category: Hydraulic Fluid (Biobased)

Criteria for Hydraulic Fluid (Biobased)

Criteria for Suggested products:

Contractor must provide services to take back and re-refine used biobased hydraulic oil.  Oil certifications must be provided at delivery.  Hydraulic tank must also be clearly marked with decal stating it contains bio-degradable oil. Products should meet all criteria below:

  • Rated as commercial and/or industrial grade
  • Listed in the USDA Biopreferred catalog
  • American Petroleum Institute certified
  • Meet the performance and warranty requirements of the manufacturers listed in the specifications

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January 24, 2020

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