RefilloMat Refillable Aerosol Cans

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When to Use

Aerosol products cost 27 times more on average than bulk concentrates.  So only use aerosols when there are no alternatives, such as in auto shop or fleet maintenance facility for cleaning brake assemblages on the vehicle.




Environmental & Health Information

Aerosol products can trigger asthma.   This aerosol is refillable, rechargeable, portable. Uses compressed air instead of hazardous hydrocarbon propellants. Reduces waste and may save money spent on disposable aerosol cans. Non-empty aerosol cans can be hazardous to sanitation workers.

Info on this product category: Spraying Equipment

Criteria for Spraying Equipment

Spray cans should be reusable and refillable. Compressed air should be used as a propellant.

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March 21, 2014

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