Treated Wood

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When to Use

For situations where durability is essential, consider plastic lumber products instead.  If you need treated wood, choose from this list of wood preservative alternatives for arsenic.  That list is also on page 43-45 of the San Francisco Guide to Selecting Treated Wood.


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Environmental & Health Information

Wood preservatives contain toxic chemicals that can cause adverse impacts to human health or to the environment. For example, chemicals applied via “pressure treatment” can be rubbed off or leached from the wood.  Preservative chemicals can be released into the environment during processing and storage of treated wood.

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Consider plastic lumber products as an alternative when durability is essential.

Criteria for Wood

Criteria for Required products:
Wood must meet requirements of the Arsenic Treated Wood Ordinance (Env. Code. Chapt. 13).  Also see

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January 10, 2020

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